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Our aim is to deliver the best possible services to suit your business. We supply and improve your computer systems not just repair them.

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•  Server and computer installations/upgrades

•  Rapid response and effictive support

•  Support and Maintenance Contracts

•  Backup  and Disaster Recovery Solutions

•  Cloud and Remote Desktop Solutions



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System and Infrastructure

In order to work efficiently and reliably it is increasingly important for a business to invest adequately in its IT infrastructure.


We appreciate that we are facing difficult economic times and will be for some while but we also realise that investment in new hardware and software is essential to improve our chances of surviving these difficult times.


Hardware & Software Upgrades

At w3net Solutions, we can advise on hardware and software upgrades and can help your business to address any areas of weaknesses which are a potential problem. We can then advise you on improvements which can provide benefit in terms of efficiency, reliability and productivity. Including:


   Server upgrades, server replacements,  server virtualisation

   SPAM filtering and email management

   PC and Desktop optimisation and Windows desktop upgrades

   Mainstream technology and IT cost savings

   Internet connectivity and remote working solutions


This process starts with an IT System Audit. Our IT system audits gather a wealth of information about your IT infrastructure which allows us to identify all manner of technical issues that could be detrimental to your IT systems. This ensures your information systems are safeguarding your assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively to achieve you organisation’s goals and objectives.


It’s all too easy to overlook this exercise and move it down the to do list, however acting as your IT department we could carry this out on your behalf and advise you by summary of changes that may need to be made inline with your business objectives and action them within budget.