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Our aim is to deliver the best possible services to suit your business. We supply and improve your computer systems not just repair them.

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•  Server and computer installations/upgrades

•  Rapid response and effictive support

•  Support and Maintenance Contracts

•  Backup  and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Support Contracts

We have 3 main types of contract which are described below. Please read about each to see which type would best suit your organisation. At the bottom of the page you can download the contract comparison chart that makes it easy to see the benefits of each type. Once you have decided which contract type is most suitable, why not use the contract configurator to get an estimate of the monthly charge for a support contract.


MaxHours Support Contract


Available in blocks of 12 hours, the MaxHours support contract allows your business to purchase a block of support hours to be used as and when required. When the block is used you have the option to either purchase another block or move to another support package. This option provides flexibility with no long term commitment whilst ensuring the same level of support as an annual contract. The package has a slightly higher hourly rate than the annual support options.


This model has suited many of our clients who have only minimal requirements but like the assurance of having SLA’s that guarantee to minimise downtime and disruption to their business. For instance you may not require any assistance for many weeks but on the occasion that you do have a critical issue you know that we will be there.


TotalCare support contracts


TotalCare contracts suit businesses who want to outsource their entire IT support requirement to allow them to focus on their specialism. TotalCare contracts are scalable and are based on the number of computers your business has.


These full pro-active annual support contracts come with the added advantage of no hourly usage limitation. This allows you to use myriad as when you require throughout the year with no limitations.


Further benefits include the provision of essential software required to keep your IT infrastructure fit and healthy, including our PC recovery guarantee that includes award winning antivirus software and RollbackRX.


Please see our contract comparison document to see which of our contracts suits your business best.


Managed Services support contracts


These contracts are for businesses who wish to totally outsource their IT support requirements and are designed to address every aspect of IT from immediate support issues to long term planning and IT strategy and development.


With a host of high end features these contracts provide the all the benfit of an in house IT engineers plus the benefit of consultancy based management of IT strategies designed to ensure that your business takes full advantage of technology and includes. The Operations Strategic Review identifies measurable IT improvement programs that address people, processes, and technology, so that those costs can be reduced and quality improved over time through continuous improvement.