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Our aim is to deliver the best possible services to suit your business. We supply and improve your computer systems not just repair them.

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•  Server and computer installations/upgrades

•  Rapid response and effictive support

•  Support and Maintenance Contracts

•  Backup  and Disaster Recovery Solutions

•  Cloud and Remote Desktop Solutions



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Disaster Recovery

We all hope that we will never be the victim of fire or flooding but where would you stand if your business premises was written off over night and your IT systems ruined ?


As IT systems become an increasingly large proportion of most successful businesses, it is essential that a businesses disaster recovery plan encompasses these  elements. We can help by ensuring that suitable planning is in place to recover from a disaster caused by theft, carelessness or intentional damage resulting in flood, fire etc.


New and emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing make this planning and execution far simpler.


   Rapid backup and restore – from a single file to an entire server room

   IT System Audits provide an inventory blueprint  for rapid replacement of equipment


Changes mean that the protection of a company’s data assets are now the personal responsibility of company directors, so there is a greater need for  increased on internal data protection strategies.


Whatever size of business you have, we can provide the correct solution to protect your interests.