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Our aim is to deliver the best possible services to suit your business. We supply and improve your computer systems not just repair them.

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•  Server and computer installations/upgrades

•  Rapid response and effictive support

•  Support and Maintenance Contracts

•  Backup  and Disaster Recovery Solutions

•  Cloud and Remote Desktop Solutions



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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can  transform business productivity. Although not exactly a new technology, cloud solutions have only recently become a reality thanks to the availablity of fast reliable broadband to most businesses. Cloud computing services offers a range of applications to help businesses collaborate more effectively.


Cloud computing services can benefit your business by;

   Making your data more available and accessible when you need it

   Adding resiliency by offering secure off-site storage location

   Reducing your computer hardware requirements and associated power and computer support costs

   Reducing licensing costs.  Most cloud services are subscription based so you only pay for what you use

   Increase the flexibility and scope of your business by allowing collaboration and mobile working


We offer a number of different cloud solutions in order to provide the best solution for your business. After a review of Internet connectivity, such as broadband speed and reliability, and any other options available for high speed Internet connectivity, we are able to advise on the possible cloud solutions available. The different cloud solutions we are able to implement are:


Virtual Desktop

Virtual Servers

Remote Desktop

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Sharepoint

Office 365

Google Apps


Hosted Accountancy services – Hosted Desktop for Accountants

Hosted Legal services – Hosted Desktop for Solicitors